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Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7
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Snail Bob 7 continues the story of Bob the snail. After having read some fairy tales he finds himself in a fantasy land and has to complete 90 platforms on which he comes across knights, wizards and dragons among other opponents and obstacles he must overcome. As in the previous episodes of this famous game he can collect stars along his adventurous journey. In fact, you have to help him solve many puzzles along the way. They include all sorts of barriers and hindrances which are preventing him to reach the exit of a platform. You have to figure out how to remove anything in his way whilst avoiding any enemies or perils you might encounter. Should our snail hero face imminent danger then he can always retract into his shell until he is safe again. If you ever get stuck you can check out a walkthrough, but for the fun you had better play Snail Bob 7 without any help.




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