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Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6
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In Snail Bob 6 you can help him get home in this cold and snowy winter while battling creepy Christmas monsters and bumblebees who are out to stop him. Here there are 25 levels that he must pass. Help him find the exit of each level by moving bridges, levers and stone blocks. Use the red buttons to move them and click on a variety of objects such as ornaments, snow piles, treasure chests and others to uncover the hidden stars. You can also click on ice blocks to crush them and allow for a new passageway for Snail Bob. If he is in any danger you can click on him to make him go inside his shell. Then he will stop moving. When you click on him again, he will reappear and begin walking again. Help him get home to enjoy the holidays in Snail Bob 6.




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