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Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob 5
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In Snail Bob 5 you can help him to meet the girl of his dreams. She is a famous singer and his performing tonight at a concert hall. The only problem is that Snail Bob must travel through a thick forest to get there. Help him find the exits of 25 difficult and dangerous levels. He must get by bees, crocodiles, monsters, flames and spiders. Click on Snail Bob to make him go into his shell for protection. You can also change his direction with the yellow icon and speed him up with the green icon. Use the large bubbles to help him float up to another platform and hit the red buttons to move levers and open up pathways for him. Uncover the hidden stars as well for each level. Try your best to get him to the concert to see his true love in Snail Bob 5.




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