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Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2
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In Snail Bob 2 you can help him celebrate his grandpa's birthday. The only problem is that he has to travel through a dangerous forest to get there. Use a variety of tools to guide him on his journey filled with all sorts of danger and uncover the hidden stars along the way. Here he will encounter fireballs, caterpillars, ants, snail-eating flowers among others. There are many things that will help him along the way such as wrecking balls that will boost him to safety and leaves that he can use as parachutes. Adjust his speed as needed and try to finish each of these levels as quickly as possible to earn more points. The clock counts down from 300 and whatever time remains when you reach the exit will be your score. Help Snail Bob to join the party with his family safely in Snail Bob 2.




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