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Snail and Sokoban

Snail and Sokoban
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In Snail and Sokoban you have to get your thinking cap on and attempt to solve each of these extremely challenging puzzles. The objective is to cover up all of the stars on the board. To cover them up, you must maneuver the boxes over them. You can move your snail with the arrow keys or by clicking on the screen where you want him to move. You cannot move diagonally, but rather from side to side or up and down. Before you make your first move, you should take a good look at the configuration of all objects, because it is possible to find yourself without an available move. If that happens, you can hit the reset button. There is no time limit in this game, so plan your steps with care. See if you can pass all 15 of these difficult levels of Snail and Sokoban.




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